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Keeping a perfectly toned healthy body shape requires a lot of work and determination. You have to develop a healthy feeding plan and be re...

Losing Weight: Working Out VS Diet Pills

Keeping a perfectly toned healthy body shape requires a lot of work and determination. You have to develop a healthy feeding plan and be ready to hit the gym any free time you get during the week. But there are lots of people who would rather take weight loss pills than stress themselves with exercising and feeding based on a weight loss plan. Now when it comes to taking weight loss pills or exercising, which is more efficient and healthy?

working out vs diet pills

Advantages and Disadvantages of Regular Exercises.
Humans started indulging in fitness exercises thousands of years back; this can be proven because Hippocrates stated that fitness is the key to having a healthy body. But why would you exercise?


Keeps the Heart Toned
Exercising regularly would strengthen the muscles of the body not excluding that of the heart too. That is why you need to do a lot of reps to keep your muscles in shape, as doing a lot of exercises reduces the chances of getting a cardiovascular disease drastically. And since the muscles of the heart are well kept and managed, you should expect your heart to pay you back by improving on its circulation.

Working out isn’t meant to just get a stunning physique. It also helps to keep you focused and clears your mind of all the burdens. Do you notice that after you’re done exercising (I mean completing all your desired reps) you feel happy? This happens because during exercises hormones are released into your bloodstream, and these hormones help to relieve stress and anxiety, and with that in place you stand no chance of being depressed or suffering from any mental disorder.

Cutting down Fat
Exercising has been the best natural way to sweat out your fats easily. In fact working out reduces the amount of fats stored in your body. It might amaze you that fats can occupy more space than your muscles. And you should also note that you being slim isn’t the same as being healthy. You might be no healthier than someone suffering from obesity if you do not reduce the amount of fat in your body.

And the only disadvantage I have learnt so far is that it strains your muscle
Because too much of everything isn’t good and that includes working out. Exercising a lot could cause strain to your muscles especially if you exercise without warming up frequently. Repetitive exercises without warming up could cause you joint pain. The only tip to avoid this is not to start working out without first warming up.

working out vs diet pills

Advantages of Weight Loss pills
Although there is no pill that’s going to help you melt all your fat away, it doesn’t stop some companies from producing weight loss drugs everyday. Some are produced artificially in the lab while others are said to be 100% natural. You should however note that most of the pills have side effects such as diarrhea, dry mouth and even palpitation.

Lose Weight Without Stress
With your weight loss pills, you do not have to go through the stress of working out and repeating reps just to lose weight. And there are even pills that promise that you’d lose kg’s of fat even while asleep

No Need to Cut down on Food.
A lot of diet pills would promise to help you lose weight irrespective of which kind of food you consume and in what quantity you consume it. There are mostly loaded with vitamins and minerals to increase their nutritional value.


Excessive Side Effects
Must pill users always report one side effect or the other. The complaints range from mild stomach pain to chronic fatigue. All though some claim the side effects do not last long, yet there are people who have had to stop taking the drugs because it was interfering with their daily activities.

Serious Health Complications
Most health practitioners do not even recommend that you use dieting pills, especially to people with heart-related diseases. There are recorded events of heart failures being triggered by weight loss pills.

Toxic Chemicals
One of the worst deceptions about weight loss pills come from the label on the pack. Some are labeled to be produced with 100% natural ingredients or do not even have any side effect. I would suggest you do your own research first before purchasing the product or starting to use it.

Time to Make Your Choice.
It depends on what you want to achieve, if you want to lose weight the healthy but tough way, then you’d need to work out regularly. If your schedule does not permit you to do so, then you might opt in for the pills. But if your health matters to you and you’re bothered about the side effects, then you know what to go for.

Hard work always pays off at the end, so does working out.