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Getting to the age at which puberty begins comes not only with the joy; it also comes with a troubling issue (it isn’t a problem though, bu...

Top Myths About Pimples.

myths about pimples

Getting to the age at which puberty begins comes not only with the joy; it also comes with a troubling issue (it isn’t a problem though, but can cause a lot of pain). The arrival of puberty is always noticed with some little growths on the facial region that is regarded to as a pimple or acne.

The growth might then start growing more prominent and start turning bigger if not attended. It keeps spreading to different parts of the face, and then leaving dark or black spots on various parts of the facial skin making you look unkempt.

Almost everyone that has passed through puberty can tell his or her own stories of how these tiny growths practically their faces.
We all understand how bad and embarrassing pimples may be, not even the amount of stress teens go through just to get rid of it. It affects tens of millions of teens worldwide, especially the ones beneath the age of twenty five, but even adults aren’t left out.

Most people have come to believe some untrue stuff about this whole problem issue. Below are some untrue assumptions about pimples

Top Acne Myths :

1. Popping pimples helps to get rid of them.
This isn’t true, when you pop a pimple the germs and bacteria would merely go under your skin. This is what causes the pain, redness, and swelling observed when you frequently pop your pimples and consistently popping the pimples would leave you with lots of black spots and more pimples.
2. Chocolates and oily food cause pimples.
Although this can sound true since fatty foods contain fat and since oily faces seem to have more pimple. It is also not right, which is great for people who love to eat chocolates and hamburgers and even fried chips and chicken. No school of thought has proven that to be genuine or authentic. One thing for sure is that rubbing your face with an oily palm isn’t going to help.

3. Exposure to the Sun will dry up pimples.
I believed this lie at first. The solar rays will only hurt your skin and will cause your skin to become dry, burnt, irritated and can even result in you getting skin cancer at some time later in life. This myth started most probably because as your pores and skin gets tanned, it will become darkened and pimples/acne are much less noticeable.
If you’re going out into the sun, use sunscreens with SPF rating of not less than 30 and also make sure you do not forget to wear sun shades and a hat.

4. Washing your face will clear your pores and skin.
Not a bad idea to scrub your face. However, this principle isn’t in anyway removing your pimples though it might help to reduce dirt on the skin.
Scrubbing your face will do away with dust, dead pores and skin cells and even the excess facial oil, however over-doing it or tough scrubbing will irritate the pores and skin and dry it out, which will only make matters worse.
Wash your face regularly with the use of a mild cleanser and dry your skin thoroughly with a gentle towel.

5. Using more drugs than usual.
Using an excessive amount of pimples removal remedy can worsen and damage your pores and skin, and may even dry it out in some cases. Using more over the counter(OTC) or prescription medicine than is recommended will cause more damage than has already been done by the presence of pimples of your skin.
You should also know that most tablets do not have side reactions like nausea, vomiting e.t.c If you overuse it, so it is best to stick to your directed dosage.

As these myths have indicated, many things you could have thought caused or worsened your pimples, sincerely are not things to even bother about.
To get a better and brighter skin, eat a balanced diet regularly and exercise more often, you should exfoliate too.

If you are however interested in taking pills to help you clear your pores and skin quicker, talk to your dermatologist before you start and you should go for the widely used premium skin care products available in stores.